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Riepert Salt began in 1988 and was started by owner-operator Dan Riepert. Initially we serviced mainly the residential accounts throughout Kitchener-Waterloo. Now we also service commercial accounts including restaurants & hotels, property management companies, food businesses, pool companies, etc.

Service and quality products were to be the keys.

For service, we went to the customers rather than them coming to the salt supplier. We always are flexible to the customers personal schedule and as a result strive to offer convenient delivery times. We don’t just drop the water softener salt off at someone’s door-step! We take it to the softener, when they’re home and we offer to fill the machine. The servicing is done by very professional, helpful staff – we push “that personal touch”.

After the salt delivery is completed, we contact the customer to ensure that their next salt order is placed precisely when they need it. Often the customer neglects his softener and doesn’t realize it is empty until after the fact! “People want to make sure that the most expensive appliance in their home is working at its optimal level all the time and for a long time!” We use only quality Windsor and Cargill salt products and carry all grades available.

We also offer an extensive line of ice-melt products and softener services. Our approach to the market was such a success that we’ve grown from 1 customer in 1988 to over 12,000 today. The next time you need salt, don’t be fooled by low prices only. Give our complete salt delivery service a try!

Your 100% total satisfaction is our priority and a key to our continued success.

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