Water Conditioning Salts

A list of Water Conditioning Salts are displayed below. If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us.

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Cargill Diamond Crystal Red Out Cargill Diamond Crystal Red Out

Crystal Salt 99.6% Pure Salt
Formulated for High Iron Content
Virtually 100% Soluable
FDA- Approved Additive
Highly Effective Rust Remover
Minimizes Bridging and Mushing
Keeps Softener Running Smoothly and Longer

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Cargill Diamond Crystal Solar Cargill Diamond Crystal Solar

Typically 99.6% Pure
Low Insoluable Content
White Clear Opaque Appearance
Evaporated Naturally By Sun & Wind
Recommended for Use in Side By Side Units
Resists Bridging and Mushing

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Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft Diamond Crystal Bright & Soft

99.8% Pure
Virtually 100% Water Soluable
Patented "Softener Care Additive"
No More Cleanouts
For All Types Of Softeners
Resists Bridging and Mushing

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Nature's Own Potassium Nature's Own Potassium

- Natural
- Vital to good health and nutrition
- Environmentally friendly
- Safe for use in all softeners

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Windsor Select Plus Windsor Select Plus

99.7% Pure
Efficient and Most Economical

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Windsor System Saver Windsor System Saver

Patented Formula
99.5% Pure
Increases Softener Efficiency
Dissolves Evenly/Leaves No Residue
Easy Carry Bag with Plastic Handle and Valve
Eliminate Bridging and Mushing

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